This hard working group is focused on engaging fellow member businesses to help them stay connected, engaged and growing in the Chamber. Additionally, they are working to create a community entrepreneurial atmosphere that fosters communication of ideas and business educational opportunities. Finally, they have the awesome responsibility also to recognize outstanding businesses that exemplify high standards.


Business Expo:

One day premier business-to-business event. Opportunity to showcase products, services and network with other businesses. MORE

Entrepreneur Series:

Allows our member entrepreneurs to highlight and share their insights with fellow member businesses during Wake Up Wednesday. Happens quarterly.


Promote local purchasing to all businesses. Partner with local media and area businesses to help grow local economy.

Download IBBC logo to use in your business media here.

Business Development, Seminars/Workshops:

Partner with Chamber members and the SBDC to promote educational and assistance seminars/workshops. Connect businesses and individuals with information to promote and grow their business. Sponsorship opportunity.