An advocate for a strong economy and free enterprise, your Abilene Chamber connects members and elected representatives on topics impacting business and quality of life in our region.

The Abilene Chamber of Commerce takes its responsibility as the advocate for local business very seriously. It is important that voters go to the polls with the information they need to make wise decisions.

Candidates in the Texas House District 71, Taylor County Sheriff and Taylor County Commissioner Precinct 1 races were given the opportunity to participate in video interviews at the Chamber. One candidate was unable to participate. Here are the interviews.

Click here for Taylor County voting information. Early voting begins on Feb. 20, 2024. Click here for voting schedules, sample ballots, election day information, and more.

Stan Lambert - Texas House District 71 Representative

Randy Williams - Taylor County Commissioner Precinct 1 Candidate

Javier Villarreal - Taylor County Commissioner Precinct 1 Candidate

Ricky Bishop - Taylor County Sheriff

Shay Bailey - Taylor County Sheriff Candidate

Elias Carrasquillo Jr. - Taylor County Sheriff Candidate

The Chamber’s Business Advocacy Council serves as the region’s advocate for business at the local, state and federal levels representing the combined clout of over 1,300 plus members in diverse industry sectors throughout the community. Together we work to ensure that pro-business, pro-growth solutions are always included in the political debate. We offer various opportunities for business leaders to become involved in the political process, including forums and briefings with local, state and federal lawmakers.


Abilene Chamber Legislative Agenda for the 88th Texas Legislature

The mission of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce is to develop and promote the economic growth and quality of life in the Abilene area. The Abilene Chamber and its 1,300+ members believe free enterprise and job creation are the solution for creating a higher quality of life for Abilene residents. The Abilene Chamber, on behalf of its members and affiliates, will pursue a pro-growth agenda that creates an environment that encourages job growth, population growth and entrepreneurship. To view an in-depth version of the Chamber’s Legislative Agenda, follow the link below.

View the full agenda.

The Business Advocacy Committee

The Chamber’s Business Advocacy Council is made up of five voting members from the Chamber who will be approved by the Chamber’s Executive Committee, and four non-voting members from the staffs of lawmakers representing Abilene in Austin and Washington.

Chair – Mitch Barnett, Barnett & Hill

Norman Archibald, Hendrick Health

Gary Grubbs, Lawrence Hall Abilene

Jay Hardaway, West Texas Strategies

Kaley Kapke, Congressman Jodey Arrington

Robyn Wertheim, State Representative Stan Lambert

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