An advocate for a strong economy and free enterprise, your Abilene Chamber connects members and elected representatives on topics impacting business and quality of life in our region.

The Chamber’s Business Advocacy Council serves as the region’s advocate for business at the local, state and federal levels representing the combined clout of over 1,300 plus members in diverse industry sectors throughout the community. Together we work to ensure that pro-business, pro-growth solutions are always included in the political debate. We offer various opportunities for business leaders to become involved in the political process, including forums and briefings with local, state and federal lawmakers.



Your Chamber Advocacy in Action

As an advocate for a strong economy and free enterprise, your Chamber recently signed on to a coalition letter with peer Chambers across the United States urging the Biden Administration to strengthen our energy security by removing roadblocks to greater domestic energy production. Businesses of all sizes are facing burdens from increased costs for goods, services, and transportation, which combined with tight labor markets, present major headwinds for the U.S. economy. Your Chamber is committed to helping lesson the burden on our local and state economy so you can conduct business with ease.

View the Federal Lands and Waters Energy Production Letter

The Abilene Chamber, on behalf of its members and affiliates, will pursue a pro-growth agenda that creates an environment that encourages job growth, population growth and entrepreneurship.



Abilene must continue to be a leader in the State of Texas in developing the key infrastructure to attract, grow and retain quality jobs. The Abilene Chamber will be a leader in working with both K-12 and higher education partners to encourage the development of curriculum that trains students for current and future workforce needs and puts Abilene in a competitive position to attract and retain talent for 21st Century jobs.


Abilene is a leader in the attraction of tourism and the development of the arts. Tourism is a key economic development program, and the arts and other quality of life enhancements are becoming increasingly important in the retention and attraction of people to the community. As such, the Abilene Chamber will encourage the development and improvement of facilities that enhance the city’s efforts to expand these efforts as an effective economic development strategy.


Abilene will continue to be a leader in the United States in its support of the military. The Abilene Chamber supports continued local funding of mission support and will continue to provide support for local troops and their families. Additionally, the Abilene Chamber will support its military affairs committee in all federal, state and local initiatives to protect and enhance and expand missions for Dyess Air Force Base.


The Abilene Chamber will work to maintain a probusiness environment that allows West Texas employers and business owners to thrive. Any regulatory change that adversely impacts business should be pursued only as a last resort after all free-market solutions have been tried and only after a reasonable cost/benefit analysis shows economic growth will not be adversely affected


Access to reliable water resources continues to be a key issue for many Texas communities to maintain job and population growth. Abilene must continue to develop long-term and short-term strategies for securing resources.


The Abilene Chamber supports agricultural businesses and individuals, providing the food and fiber for the United States and the World. Agriculture in the Big Country is a $1 billion enterprise, by far one of the largest sectors of our economy.


The Abilene Chamber fully supports efforts to redistrict the House and Senate districts in a legal and fair manner. We would hope the outcome would produce districts in the Abilene area that would produce candidates who are pro-business, who know and understand our issues, and who will work closely with us.


The Abilene Chamber fully supports efforts to lessen the blow of COVID-19 on businesses (large and small) and individuals. This horrific pandemic has devastated many businesses.

The Business Advocacy Committee

The Chamber’s Business Advocacy Council is made up of five voting members from the Chamber who will be approved by the Chamber’s Executive Committee, and four non-voting members from the staffs of lawmakers representing Abilene in Austin and Washington.

Chair – Mitch Barnett, Barnett & Hill

Norman Archibald, Hendrick Health System

Gary Grubbs, Lawrence Hall Abilene

Jay Hardaway, West Texas Strategies

Kaley Kapke, Congressman Jodey Arrington

Ben Bailey, Dr. Dawn Buckingham, Senate District 24

Laura Lewis, Senator Charles Perry

Robyn Wertheim, State Representative Stan Lambert

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