Get to know your Chamber Chair, Kelly Jay!

October 9, 2023Kelly Jay, 2023-24 Chamber Chair, Texas Media, Inc. & Cumulus Broadcasting, Inc.

Meet Kelly Jay! Kelly’s voice is heard throughout the Big Country on the hit radio show “Doc and Kelly in the Morning” on KBCY. When he’s not starting his day as one of the fun-loving morning talk show hosts, he is known throughout the community for his marketing and advertising agency, Texas Media, Inc. (TMI). Kelly is currently serving a one-year term as the Chair for the Abilene Chamber of Commerce, and his term began on Oct. 1. We thought our valued partners will enjoy knowing who is leading their Chamber over the next year. So, without further ado, meet Kelly!

Brief background on your involvement with the Chamber including number of years involved: I have been a member of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce (ACOC) since 1983. The membership was first through the radio stations that I have worked for. Then, Jay’s Feed store, TMI and the Abilene Freedom Foundation.

My first committee was the Dirty Dozen in 1984, part of the World’s Largest Bar-B-Q. Then, the Abilene Business Council, Business Expo, Texas Farm Ranch & Wildlife Expo, Military Affairs and many more committees and taskforce groups that I have been blessed to be a part of.

Why is it important your business is a part of a Chamber? It’s important for my businesses to be members of the Chamber because of the advocacy that helps small business thrive in the marketplace. Because of the Chamber, we have a voice on the national, state and local levels, and the Chamber allows my business to adapt to a winning position. The Chamber also provides a multitude of networking opportunities for my business to participate in, allowing us to promote ourselves to the business community. Plus, the information that the Chamber provides, from all aspects, keeps us in touch with changing environments.

Favorite part about volunteering with the Chamber? My favorite part of volunteering with the Chamber is the opportunities it gives me to work with winners. Given the chance to work with such great business owners and Chamber staff members makes me a better person to serve God, family, and community. Secondly, I love to see successful businesses grow—In Abilene, we are blessed to learn from some of the smartest entrepreneurs ever. See ya’ on top!

Why is a successful Chamber important to the community? The Chamber is important to Abilene because it promotes business, creates relationships with other local businesses and influences policy. The Chamber actively advocates for the interests of its members, promoting pro-business initiatives and addresses challenges faced by the community. I invite you to join and let’s grow together.

Favorite Quote: Inspire, listen and love. Be of great service to God, family and your community.

What inspires you? Everything around me is an inspiration. What God has created, my wife, my family, my friends, and the great people of the Big Country who accomplish the impossible together. I’m just blessed to be a part.

Dogs or cats? I have two dogs—both around 3 pounds each. TiMi (Tee-Me) and Oreo. You would think they wouldn’t take that much room in our bed when they sleep with us…but they do. I also have grand dogs that visit.

Accomplishment you are most proud of? The accomplishment I’m most proud of would be the ability to help others and live with such a loving family. I love to watch people succeed.

Last book you read? The Bible.

Favorite thing to do when not working? Volunteering, family time, grandkids and hanging with friends. We might even slip in an occasional Coors Light.

Favorite place to vacation? I seem to gravitate toward beaches. I try to explore somewhere new to see different cultures.

Your family: 7 kids that seem to have grown up even if I didn’t want them to.  —14 Grandkids—-and excuse me for a second …..”Honey, what are the names of our kids and grandkids?”—–I’ll get back to everyone on that one.



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