Empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs

June 12, 2023Doug Peters, President & CEO of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce

If you’re a faithful reader of our Monday blog, you’ve heard us talk a lot about the future of Abilene.

Whether it’s something three weeks, three months, or three years from now, thinking futuristically about what our community looks like is an important part of our work.

And while there are many important pieces that go into ensuring our future is better than our past, one piece that is essential is our future generation.

At the Chamber, you’ll find a number of programs dedicated to cultivating our community’s future leaders. Abilene Young Professionals, Leadership Abilene, or our monthly mentoring session through the navigator program, to name a few.

But what about helping foster our next generation of entrepreneurs?

Every entrepreneur can probably recall the first time they made a sale. Most can probably describe that feeling deep down inside that tells you the hard work you put in was worth it because someone believed in you enough to purchase your creation.

We believe every kid should have the opportunity to experience the joy of entrepreneurship.

That’s why we’re thrilled to host this year’s Children’s Business Fair on July 29 at the Mall of Abilene. Sponsored by Abilene Teacher’s Federal Credit Union, kids ages 6-14 can try their hand at starting and running their own business.

This event allows our Abilene children to gain important skills and knowledge related to entrepreneurship, such as problem-solving, resourcefulness and creativity.

It also provides an opportunity for them to explore different aspects of running a business from marketing strategies and financial planning all the way through customer service and product development.

The event is free for children to participate in, and our sponsor is hosting a pre-event educational workshop to help our littlest entrepreneurs practicing making change, solidifying their sales pitch, learning how networking can help their business and hear best practices from other entrepreneurs.

Modeled after Acton’s Children’s Business Fair, this program is essential in helping our community develop and grow our next generation of entrepreneurs. To sign up your child to participate, click here. 

We invite our business community to come out and support these young entrepreneurs — help them make a sale and give them the gift of seeing one’s hard work pay off.

Here lies proof that Abilene’s best days are not behind us; rather, they are right in front of us. We have a community that believes it doesn’t matter how young or how old you are – if you have a vision and the tenacity to execute that vision, then you can be an entrepreneur and see your dreams become a reality. Here in Abilene, we’re a multi-generational city, and we believe in the current generation of entrepreneurs and the generations that will soon follow.



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