Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau Launches New Brand Identity

November 7, 2022David Waller, Communications Director, ACVB

The Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau, an affiliate of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce, announces its new tourism logo as part of the organization’s brand identity revamp.

“The ACVB doesn’t own the Abilene brand. It is a community asset. We are simply its stewards, and it comes with great responsibility,” said Robert Lopez, vice president, ACVB.

The Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau is responsible for programs promoting Abilene as an attractive travel destination by enhancing its public image as a dynamic place to live and work. Through the impact of travel, it strengthens the economic position and provides opportunity for people in the community.

“Abilene is a city that honors its heritage while embracing its future. Therefore, an effective logo for the destination must be inspired by tradition but made for today. Every decision and element of the new design is thoughtful and intentional, and we feel Abilenians will be proud of the design and rally around its purpose,” said Lopez

In 2021, direct travel spending amounted to $483.5 million dollars in economic impact for the city and supported the livelihoods of 3,570 hardworking Abilenians.

The logo wordmark draws from historic landmarks and tourism icons in the city. The famous bricks that paved the way for Abilene’s future inspired the design. Along with symbolic tourism landmarks like the “Abilene” sign at the T&P Depot that welcomed the city’s earliest travelers, and the Abilene Courts, built in 1930, a pre-cursor to the modern motel, advertised in the Reporter-News to be “West Texas’ finest Tourist Camp.” The building still stands today and is recognized as an historic landmark.

The logo icon is a custom illustration of an American buffalo.

“The buffalo is part of Abilene’s history, and it personifies the concept of change. From harsh winters to severe droughts, it lives in landscapes with extreme weather changes. It has overcome urbanization of its habitat and was nearly hunted to extinction, yet it still lives today. Unyielding to fate, yet mindful of the everchanging world, it adapted and survived. Like the buffalo, Abilene symbolizes strength, stability, perseverance, and determination,” added Lopez

For more information or resources regarding Abilene’s tourism brand identity, please contact David Waller, Communications Director, ACVB by email david@abilenevisitors.com or phone 325-676-2556


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