Recapping our 2022 Best Workplaces

August 15, 2022Doug Peters, President and CEO of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce

Last week, our Chamber team had the distinct pleasure in executing our inaugural 2022 Best Workplaces reception in partnership with our friends at Hendrick Health. If you attended last week’s event thank you! If not, we hope you can make plans to attend next year’s event.

It was a great evening of fellowship, networking, and celebration as we shared what was unique about working in the Big Country. We couldn’t be prouder of those selected as our inaugural finalists or recipients and hope that you too feel a sense of pride as you head into your work week this morning.

And to kick-off our work week, we’re highlighting those recipients and sponsors who help ensure our Abilenians have a superb quality of life.

2022 Best Workplaces Recipients

Small Business Category presented by Holland Hearing Center.

Grain Theory – Grain Theory has a strong culture in the workplace and is committed to being a part of the Abilene community. Grain Theory has five values that define their culture and ensures a healthy workplace for employees. The five values that define Grain Theory are experimentation, education, people, and authenticity. Grain Theory is thankful for their employees, and they find a variety of ways to express their appreciation. Grain Theory values an open, honest, work environment and treating others as equals. The owners have a unique way to maintain their high standards and emphasis on quality by encouraging and guiding their employees to perfection. Grain Theory provides the community of Abilene a place to feel comfortable and enjoy time with their friends and make new friends. They care for the Abilene community and want people to feel welcomed. They are committed to Downtown Abilene and strive to play a significant role in bringing people to the area. Whether that is accomplished through great food, a friendly environment, or the fun block parties they throw, Grain Theory wants the best for the community.

Medium Business Category presented by First Financial Bank.

Coleman County State Bank – Coleman County State Bank (CCSB) values not just their employees but the families of employees as well. They prioritize promoting the experience and education of employees as the company grows. The annual Christmas party is an opportunity for the company to give back to their employee’s children. Toys are purchased by CCSB, wrapped, and given out by Santa Claus to the children attending the party. Coleman County State Bank also honors the children of employees who make the A/B honor roll. When a child turns in their report card, CCSB contributes an amount of money into a savings account for the child. When the child graduate high school, they are presented a check for the entirety of the balance. This acts as a both a savings mechanism and a reward for their hard work in academics. Family support makes the employees feel valued. They also have excellent benefits and vacation time. CCSB employees are allowed to be extremely involved in the community caring for Abilene!

Large Business Category presented by Cedar Gap Wealth Management.

Funeral Directors Life – Funeral Directors Life has a strong desire to create the best working lifestyle for their employees, which means creating a flexible and open environment. The goal for this company is to be a place where employees not only develop professionally, but grow in mind, body, and soul. The leadership of Funeral Directors Life strives to demonstrate what it means to have a servant’s heart, be helpers of people, be focused on our mind, body, and soul. Funeral Directors Life has numerous resources and benefits for their employees to complete a strong work-life integration. These resources include a nurse practitioner, physical trainer, and a Director of Wellness. The Director of Wellness is also available to provide body scans, nutrition advice, workout plans, and mental health advice. There is also an employee fitness center available to employees and their immediate family members 24/7. These unique employee benefits extend the care and support of the employees at Funeral Directors Life. The company is always looking for creative ways to increase employee satisfaction.

Non-profit Business Category presented by Allied Employer Group.

Betty Hardwick Center – Betty Hardwick is committed to the Abilene community by participating and sponsoring numerous local activities. Not only does the company support the community of Abilene but their number one focus is supporting the clients and employees of Betty Hardwick. The employees give a voice to the people who often have not had a voice in the community, advocating for them and their needs. The culture of Betty Hardwick puts the clients first and treats everyone with dignity and respect. They work hard to remove the stigmas from the disabilities or illnesses that clients suffer with and promote hope and second chances. Betty Hardwick Center values a flexible work life balance to their employees, this includes three days off a year for personal leave to recharge and rest. The administration believes employees need to have healthy time away, not only to rejuvenate, but to focus on their own family, personal interests, and having fun! They provide a full range of insurance and retirement benefits, and offer a quarterly bonus based on years of service. Betty Hardwick has a diversity council that is made up of our current employees to ensure each person that their cultures and beliefs are understood and recognized. The overall mission of Betty Hardwick is to empower people to live their best lives!

To view all of the finalists, click here.


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