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May 8, 2022Robert Lopez, Vice President of the Chamber's Convention and Visitors Bureau

Celebrating Abilene’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem 

Robert Lopez, Vice President of the Chamber’s Convention and Visitors Bureau

Abilene is changing, and as it continues to grow and evolve, so must its tourism marketing. As the official destination marketing organization for the city, the Chamber’s Convention & Visitors Bureau is taking this opportunity to examine its mission as it relates to its offerings, its promise to visitors, and its approach to growing the economy.

A healthy city begins with a healthy downtown. The Doubletree Hotel & Conference Center has and will continue, to change the landscape of downtown Abilene. Not just visually but economically and socially, as locals and visitors flock to the heart of the city for meetings, meals, entertainment, and cultural experiences. The Downtown Cultural District will attract new meetings and conventions to Abilene, and the ACVB is placing a renewed emphasis on sales by ensuring our resources are allocated to support the efforts of the sales team.

To the east, the Abilene airport is the gateway for travelers, and the recent overhaul of the Taylor County Expo Center and newly built Dodge Jones Youth Sports Center will continue to be driving forces for tourism along with the Zoo and its plans for future expansion. By identifying and developing innovative partnerships, we can maximize our marketing dollars and expand our reach, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s Abilenians help one another. The ACVB wants to foster collaboration and help other people be successful. We want to be known as an organization that is “happy to help.”

We have an unprecedented opportunity to elevate the visibility of Abilene by highlighting the experiences uniquely available here. We will refine and strengthen Abilene’s competitive identity by honing our storytelling craft to inform and inspire travelers. Our marketing will be strategic, impactful, and drive brand awareness and curiosity about Abilene. Our goal is to engage travelers in a meaningful way and create lifelong memories.

From technology to consumer demands and travel habits, the global travel industry is ever-evolving. Locally, Abilene’s offerings, experiences, and amenities continue to grow, but one thing remains constant: the human desire to travel, to explore, and discover new places. It’s our responsibility to evolve our strategy to meet the moment by focusing on group sales, collaboration, and branding.

Join us in growing Abilene’s tourism economy. If you are a member of an industry organization or association, we would love to talk about hosting a conference or convention in Abilene. You can reach us at 325-676-2556.


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