March 27, 2022

What makes your business stand out?

Dream Bigger DSI is a one stop shop for all of your family’s financial legacy needs. We exist to protect the financial, assist in the legal, and provide options for burial options – leaving your legacy intact. We have over 15 years in the financial services industry and in government, and we are certified.

What do customers say about working with you?

Customers say they value our honesty and sincere intent to serve their families with education and execution of financial services. They value our intention to details and listening to their needs and their wants to protect their families.

Please share the value of Chamber involvement.

The Chamber has given me access to young professionals and is helping me to build new business partnerships in Abilene. I believe in diversity, and the Chamber does a good job of being diverse in every single manner of the word.

What culture do you provide within your company?

We are a black owned business contributing to corporations by serving on non profit boards, community service serving all ethnic backgrounds, and church inspiring growth in individuals and family’s faith in Jesus Christ.

How do you give back to the community?

Three concepts with live by: M.E.T = We give our “money” to helping other businesses grow and to patronize those businesses with local money, we give our “expertise” as licensed and certified in our industries — providing education as well as execution of financial services, and we give our “time” by engaging individuals in businesses through luncheons, face to face meetings and spending time with their families.


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