What’s in a number?

March 14, 2022Doug Peters, President & CEO

What’s in a number?

As a guy who studied art, I don’t necessarily get along well with numbers. Love them or not, numbers are a big part of our everyday lives whether we’re big on numbers or not.

One number stands out in my mind all the time.  I see it on the clock.  I use it frequently, as in multiple times a day.

That number?  325.  Our region’s area code.  And to me, there’s a lot packed into that number.

It makes me think of home.  Not necessarily my house home, but this incredible place we call home.  It makes me think of the hard working men and women who’ve created something magical here. It makes me think of beautiful landscapes.  Amazing sunsets.  Incredible people.  Community spirit.  And opportunity.

Months ago, our friends at Teachers Federal Credit Union approached the Chamber and pitched an idea that really resonated with us.  Building a day around celebrating our area – the area covered by the 325 area code.

The day – March 25 (3/25) – is meant to encourage the community to support local businesses.  325 Day is a day where the business community is encouraged to participate by showing their community spirit while keeping with the 325 Day theme. We’re already hearing from members who are planning special promotions – 32.5% off of merchandise, $325 advertising packages, or food or drink specials for $3.25.

I’d like for everyone in our community to participate.  Doing so is easy – let us know you’re on board by going to www.325Day.com and submitting a simple form.

But it goes even further.  We’ll encourage the community to participate, too.  Even though we want people to shop local every day of the year, we hope folks will take advantage of 325 Day to get out and spend while taking advantage of unique and creative promotions tied to the 325 theme.

We’ll cap the special day during the evening of March 25th, with Teachers Federal Credit Union sponsoring live music in Minter Park, at the corner of North 2nd and Cypress Streets, downtown Abilene from 5:00 – 9:00pm.

So to answer the question of what’s in a number?  This year and in the future, 325 day will stand as a civic initiative to support local and celebrate local.

We’re excited.  We hope you’ll participate by putting on your creative hat and joining the fun.

Don’t forget – let us know your plans by visiting www.325Day.com and let us help you make the most of it.  And tell your friends.  Take to social media and encourage others to participate.  Let’s have fun with it.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Elizabeth Gray, Community Relations Specialist at Abilene Teachers FCU, at egray@abileneteachersfcu.org or call 325.677.2274

See you on the sidewalks!



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