National Veterans Small Business Week

November 3, 2021Brent Schroeder, Director of Emerging Business for the Chamber's Industrial Foundation

In a community like Abilene, you can’t tell our story without mentioning Dyess Air Force Base. The two have become synonymous with each other since members of our community took the promise of a military installation to Washington, D.C. and convinced the Defense Department to invest in a base here.

Abilenians have recognized what the base has meant to our community over the last six decades and have invested their time and resources to show their appreciation. Surely you’ve heard of the Abilene Trophy? Along with the Abilene Trophy, our community was honored as one of five communities named to the 2020 Class of Great American Defense Communities. 

Just as important as Dyess is to Abilene, we can’t overstate the importance of our local airmen and their families. These folks are a part of our community and make Abilene what it is today. Some are here for a short time before they move on to their next stop, but others decide to end their Air Force careers here and transition to civilian life.

In transitioning, some discover their entrepreneurial spirit and open their own small business. Not only does Abilene love Dyess and our military, but we also love our small businesses!

Did you know there are over 1,200 veteran owned small businesses in Abilene? I believe this speaks to our community’s commitment to making Abilene the easiest place to do business.

This week is National Veterans Small Business Week, and we wanted to highlight some resources that our veterans can tap into when they decide to launch and grow their own small business:

Our team is standing by ready to assist and help the dreamers start up and grow. Should you have any questions on how to get started, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.


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