November 1, 2021

What makes your business stand out?
We are the first upper cervical chiropractic specialists in Abilene. Dr. Emily is Webster certified, which focuses on chiropractic care for pregnant women as well as pediatric care. Dr. Alejandro’s first language is Spanish, so we are able to serve the Hispanic community with no translator needed! We believe that our patients come first, and we love to serve in any way we can. We provide gentle, specific chiropractic care for the community of Abilene.

What do customers say about working with you?
“Annabel is five and is holding her adjustment. She feels very comfortable with Dr. Emily and the friendly staff. She looks forward to her office visits.” – Erin B.

“After starting care, I noticed that I hold my adjustments longer. I used to have foot pain that would run down my leg and into my foot. Every time I would step, there would be shooting pain. After starting care, I don’t have that same pain and stiffness when I get up and down or when I put pressure on my feet.” – Ashley V.

“Before beginning upper cervical care, I would get adjusted every week and already begin to feel pain within 3-4 days. With upper cervical care, I can go for 3 to 4 WEEKS without noticing any dysfunction.” – Sara Z.

“For my 5-year-old son, he’s always had trouble with bowel movements. This makes for a miserable child. When he’s adjusted regularly, not only is he using the bathroom on a regular basis, but he’s also less cranky, he sleeps better, and he’s all around a better behaved child.” – Ashley T.

“Upper cervical care me ayudó mucho con los problemas de disco. Upper cervical para mi es menos agresivo, entonces me siento más relajada.” – Gabi R.

Please share the value of Chamber involvement.
Chamber involvement for us so far has been a gamechanger. The Chamber puts on so many events not just monthly, but weekly. We are blessed to attend these and get to know some amazing and motivating people in the community. It has been a great experience so far to learn from others and find out where we can help out in the community.

What culture do you provide within your company?
We create a culture of an all-encompassing holistic, healthy lifestyle. Our team is energetic, enthusiastic, and so grateful to be able to help people in the unique way that we do. When we have seen patients who feel like we are their last hope, it’s incredible to see them walk out of our office not only feeling better, but FUNCTIONING better in all aspects of life. We don’t consider what we do work because we’re utilizing the tools that God gave us to serve His people.

How do you give back to the community?
Currently, we are involved in the Rotary Club, which is a service-oriented club. We also attend and give to a local Abilene church. We are very passionate about the youth and the military and are always looking for ways to give back to those populations in particular.

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