Get to know your Chamber Chair, Laura Moore!

October 8, 2021Laura Moore, The Grace Museum, 2021-2022 Chamber Chair

Meet Laura Moore. Laura is the proud executive director of The Grace Museum and is currently serving a one-year term as the Chair for the Abilene Chamber of Commerce. Her term began in Oct. 1, and we thought our valued partners would gain from knowing who is leading their Chamber over the next year.

Chamber involvement: 
I participated in Leadership Abilene in 1991.  I watched the Chair that year – Ray Ferguson – announce his decision to run for City Council.  I thought, “I would like to do that someday,” and I did in large part because of the influence of Leadership Abilene. I then chaired the next year’s Leadership Abilene class and helped for many years with this great program. In 2017, I had the opportunity to chair the Downtown Initiative.

Why it’s important your non-profit organization is a part of a Chamber?
Non-profit organizations contribute greatly to the quality of life for our citizens and those that may consider moving to Abilene. Non-profits must walk hand-in-hand with businesses to create a true community.

Your goals or focus for the year:
We have a great Chamber that truly works each and every day to help our members and the community at-large. I want to be an integral part of growing that strength, and I also, as Chair, want to intentionally know and serve our members well.

Favorite part about volunteering with the Chamber?
I love the enduring spirit of the people of Abilene and the surrounding area that conveys a “we can do it” mentality regardless of the complexity of the task.

Why is a successful Chamber important to the community?
An effective Chamber brings people together well and collectively that group recognizes true opportunities and needs and charts a strong course of action. I think Abilene is stellar in this respect and thus contributes greatly to the tangible ways we are growing as a community.

Favorite quote: 
Do you have the audacity to doubt my veracity to insinuate that I prevaricate.  My mom, an English teacher, taught that to me when I was 7 and said to say it if someone called me a liar.  She is a lovely inspiration in my life.

What inspires you?
Working with people to help develop ideas that make our world stronger.

Dogs or cats?
Two Dogs – Polo and Max

My husband Jay and I have three wonderful daughters that we adore.


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