August 30, 2021

What makes your business stand out?
We stand out with our personal service. In a world where product knowledge, personalized service, and knowing your customers has faded into click and order, we are giving you giving both! We can provide you with trends, quality products, brand names, AND quick service! We really enjoy helping customers find just the right item or way to brand their company whether it is thru business cards, promotional giveaways, gifts for their customers, or items to use in their trade show booth.

What do customers say about working with you?
Our customers love that we can help their businesses by giving them one on one assistance with their marketing needs. We are like a free employee for our customers! They also love having a representative from our company come to their place of business or even out on a job to save them time. We also hear them say they are happy that a home town company can provide this personalized service and still compete with all the internet suppliers. We LOVE our customers!

Please share the value of Chamber involvement.
Chamber involvement is one of, if not the most valuable, connections for us. It is our way to show our commitment to OUR HOME TOWN and all the business owners and employees that work to make Abilene a great place to work and live. Although 160 Promotions is a new company, the owners have been involved with the chamber for many years with other businesses. It’s the connections and programs that the chamber membership provides that gives all of us the opportunity to deal with other great members in the community.

What culture do you provide within your company?
160 Promotions is a Christian owned business and we want to model our company mission, values, ethics, expectations, and goals based on Christian values. For us, that means serving! We are 3rd generation business people in Abilene and these values have been passed on from generation to generation. Although we base our culture on Christian values, we are all just humans so we want to be the best humans we can be and treat all people as family.

How do you give back to the community?
Giving back to the community is not something we think about… its just something WE DO! Be it thru volunteering, serving on civic or business committees, offering discounts on products to ANY non profit, or donating our time and money to several different organizations or community effort, we feel it is our PRIVELEGE to give back in any way we can.

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Remember to buy local. View a full list of Chamber members here. Signup to be featured here.


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