Giving thanks to those who sacrifice it all

July 26, 2021Doug Peters, President & CEO of the Abilene Chamber

Last week at our Chamber Board meeting we had the privilege of listening to an update from Dyess Air Force Base leadership on all that has happened over the last few months related to its mission and our airmen.

As they shared with us the amazing work they do on behalf of our country, I was once again reminded of just how lucky we are each and every day to go about our daily lives thanks to the men and women in uniform.

You won’t find a community more proud of its airmen than Abilene, Texas. From donating the land for the creation of Dyess Air Force Base, to the Abilene Trophy, to the privately funded Dyess Memorial Park, the Chamber’s work – through MAC – is well-documented.

Support of Dyess Air Force Base and ensuring the quality of life of our airmen is first class is part of our Abilene story.

In fact, if you keep up with us on social media, just last week alone members of our volunteer executive Military Affairs Committee (MAC) leadership were in Washington D.C. advocating on behalf of Dyess Air Force Base, supporting the Dyess mission, and ensuring the quality of life of our airmen is world class.

Many ask us how they can get involved in helping us meet this mission and opportunity is on the horizon.

For 54 years, our Military Affairs Committee has showcased their appreciation to those who sacrifice it all for our freedoms.

We could not be more pleased to continue this honored tradition.

Usually held in the Spring, this year’s event has been moved to the fall and is just a few weeks away at the Abilene Convention Center. Close to 200 volunteers will prepare two different servings and feed our active-duty military members and their families close to one ton of brisket, 600 pounds of sausage, 800 pounds of beans, about 3,500 slices of bread, and 20 cases of cookies.

Along with the great food (shoutout to the many generous Abilene businesses who help make it possible!) the Dyess Family of the Year will be honored at the noon serving.

We couldn’t be more excited to continue this tradition, but we also need your help.

We need additional volunteers for the variety of jobs associated with the WLBBQ, ranging from serving, to preparing, to greeting and clean up. We encourage Military Affairs Committee members and other Chamber members to volunteer by Tuesday, July 27, so we can make the work assignments. You can find the form here.

We’ll hope to see you there as we once again pay tribute to America’s heroes.



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