A lot can happen in a year

July 19, 2021Helen Usera, Director of Business Retention & Expansion for the Abilene Industrial Foundation

If you recall, a little less than a year ago, the Chamber’s Industrial Foundation, most often referred to as the AIF, underwent a change in roles in responsibilities in Abilene’s public, private partnership (P3).

Since 1962, the AIF has been serving the Abilene community as the private sector representation in Abilene’s three-legged stool. In fact, if not for the volunteers and leaders paving the way for the Type A sales tax, Abilene’s economic development and economic development across the state might look much different.

You can read more about the AIF’s history and the partners that go into creating Abilene’s economic development and P3 here. Today’s article shares how the AIF, thanks to countless leaders and volunteers over the course of the last years has continued to make an impact in Abilene.

Focused and poised for impact, the AIF has been working to not only respond to the market’s needs by listening to your challenges and concerns and responding (remember our Hire Now job fair?), but also working to fulfill the services agreement with the Development Corporation of Abilene (DCOA).

Our team had the pleasure of reporting the status of Q3 last week to the AIF executive committee, and I’m happy to also provide an update:

  • $125k of private opportunity investment
  • 2,060 job views on privately funded job board
  • 925 years of combined experience from board of directors
  • 594 hours of volunteer time since Jan. 1

Much like housework, economic development in our community will never fully be completed. But, lucky for you, our team doesn’t get tired of serving the business community and stands ready to continue making strides to cultivate our region’s economy.


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