Why You Should Encourage Your YPs to Attend This Year’s Summit

May 24, 2021Laurin Kocurek, VP Operations & Communications

June 3 is quickly approaching, and 18 months of planning will finally come to an end as we execute the third West Texas Young Professionals Leadership Summit sponsored by Lawrence Hall – Abilene. After experiencing a tumultuous year like 2020, many young professionals in our community are still adjusting to life amidst the global pandemic. Led by Paula LeMarr (Hendrick Health) and Jasmine McCabe-Gossett (Community Foundation of Abilene), this year’s Summit is the perfect opportunity for young professionals to recharge, refocus, and to become more engaged and goal-driven employees/community members.

The only event of its kind in West Texas, this event brings together more than 300 YPs in one place and serves as a dedicated time for young professionals to learn, collaborate, and become informed about their community. When your YPs ask for that day off, they’re really asking for a chance to:

  • Grow personally, professionally both within their company and our community
  • Discover their passions, challenge their way of thinking and gain new skills for the workplace that will set them apart from their peers
  • Learn where, when and how they can help our region reach its full potential
  • Amplify their voice and know that it matters

I hope you will give them that chance. During Summit, our team promises to activate curiosity and cultivate professional, personal and community growth through intentional development, inspiration and empowerment. Over the course of the day, through a change-making keynote and empowering breakouts, we will celebrate differences, foster connections, grow inclusivity and initiate positive, community-enhancing change – all with the goal of bringing a new layer of vibrancy to our community.

And, we would be remiss not to mention the many businesses and organizations who have helped make this event possible. Thanks to Lawrence Hall – Abilene, Gateway Mortgage, the City of Abilene, Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages, HEB and many more who have invested in making this year’s Summit the best one yet.

We know that empowered YPs equal a stronger team and more productive workplace for you – and a more complete community for us all. Let’s continue to cultivate and unleash their potential. Encourage your YPs to check out the many sessions the day offers here and to grab their ticket today.


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