April 1, 2021
Tolar Systems, Inc:

What makes your business stand out?
Tolar Systems is an Abilene IT company that helps businesses solve technology challenges and become more productive through their IT. This year, we were named as one of the top 501 managed IT service providers in the nation, and we provide affordable IT solutions to businesses of all sizes that proactively help them remain secure and competitive. Our unmatched dedication to our customers and specialized expertise set us apart.

What do customers say about working with you?
Our customers tell us that they always feel supported, we treat every issue with urgency, and their productivity has dramatically improved with our help. They appreciate our outstanding level of communication, and they have immense trust in us as their IT provider. Our customers have especially appreciated how we have enabled them to work from any location throughout this past difficult year.

Please share the value of Chamber involvement.
Tolar values the Chamber and all the resources it brings to Abilene residents. Our purposes align in striving to empower local businesses and make the life of every Abilene citizen better. We believe working together will allow us both to help more local businesses receive empowering, affordable services.

What culture do you provide within your company?
At Tolar Systems, our core values are integrity, passion, generosity, proactivity, putting customers first, and following the golden rule. We deliver the kind of service that we want to receive, and we provide our team members with constant opportunities to learn and grow.

How do you give back to the community?
Tolar aids local businesses by making world-class IT solutions available to them. We encourage and empower our team members to be generous to clients, coworkers, and in all aspects of their lives. We also participate in Abilene Gives each year and speak at community events like the Texas Workforce Commissions WoW Conference. In 2020 we also partnered with one of our supplies to donate $2,000 to the West Central Texas Food Bank.

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