A Message from Chamber President & CEO Regarding Winter Storm

February 18, 2021

Dear member –

We hope this message finds you safe and hopefully warm.

Our thoughts have been with each of you over the past few days as we’ve attempted to weather this storm. With the lack of power and limited cell service, communication has been tough, but we hope that hasn’t stopped you from reaching out in your time of need.

Your Chamber has been working with local officials and responding to questions as you’ve reached out.

While recovery and warmer days are on the horizon, we know with it will likely bring more headaches with what the thaw will uncover. Should you need assistance at any level, help with a question for local government, or someone to bounce an idea off of – your Chamber is here. We have resources and a team of professionals on standby waiting to serve you.

We’ve been proud to read the stories online where our valued partners and members of our local business community have stepped up to help neighbors and fellow business owners in their time of need. Just like you did and continue to do with what 2020 threw at you, you’ve shown tremendous tenacity and strength. For that, we are so grateful.

Our work continues with local officials and community partners as we move toward warmer days. Texas is tough – you are tougher. Let’s all walk toward that light, together, and set the example of what strong communities do when met with troubling and difficult situations.

Afterall, that’s the Abilene way.



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