City of Abilene Gets State Grant for Dyess Flight Line Project

January 26, 2021Laurin Kocurek, Director of Communications for the Abilene Chamber of Commerce

January 26, 2021


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City of Abilene Gets State Grant for Dyess Flight Line Project

The Texas Military Preparedness Commission (TMPC) Monday approved Abilene’s application for funds to upgrade security gates around the flight line at Dyess Air Force Base.

The city applied to the state for $1.89 million under the Defense Economic Adjustment Assistance Grant (DEAAG) program. The figure represents half of the $3.78 million cost of the project. The Development Corporation of Abilene (DCOA) will provide up to $370,740 for the work. The U.S. Air Force Installations and Mission Support Center will fund $1,510,960 of the project.

“Abilene and Dyess have had a wonderful relationship for the past six decades,” said Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams. “The State of Texas award of the DEAAG grant just exemplifies the City of Abilene’s dedication to the mission, the airmen, and the families of Dyess who protect this great Nation. We could not be prouder to play a part in that.”

The flight line security enhancement project will tighten the circle of security $12.7 billion in aircraft today and more with the upcoming B-21 bomber. Ten state-of-the-art gates will replace existing ones. The gates are fence security and vehicular barriers for the flight line.

The Military Affairs Committee of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce provided grant-writing services, which the City of Abilene will serve as project manager and fiscal agent.

“The DEAAG program has provided needed funding to Texas military installations for many years,” said Greg Blair of AEP Texas and Chair of the Abilene Military Affairs Committee. “This generous grant will further increase the military value of Dyess AFB and strengthen its position as one of our Nation’s premier air bases.”

The DEAAG program is designed for governmental entities to apply for project funds for work needed on military installations. The work has begun and is estimated to be completed this summer.

This is the third time in four years that a Dyess project has been approved for DEAAG funds. The previous projects were:

  • The reconstruction of an important perimeter fence that was out of compliance with Federal Aviation Administration guidelines. The state granted up to $281,000. The DCOA agreed to provide up to almost $199,000, while Dyess did $82,000 in-kind. The project came in at a cost less than the grant totals.
  • The expansion and upgrade of the Security Access Control Center at the front gate. This is where visitors and contractors go for security access credentialing. The state DEAAG funds were approved for $613,389, half of the $1.2 million total cost. The DCOA agreed to support the project for up to $536,337 for the work. Dyess has spent $80,052 on the design work.

“We, of course, could not do it without whole the team – the City, the DCOA, the Chamber, the Military Affairs Committee, Dyess and the State of Texas,” said Blair.

The Military Affairs Committee is a public-private partnership of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce, Development Corporation of Abilene, individuals and businesses. Through its 300 members, MAC advocates for expansion and preservation of missions at Dyess and cares for the needs of military members and their families.




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