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November 23, 2020Reagan Berry Assistant Principal, CTE for Wylie ISD

Hello Chamber Members,

My name is Reagan Berry. I am an assistant principal at Wylie High School as well as responsible for the Career and Technology Education program for the district. I am writing because WE WANT YOU! Wylie’s CTE program has grown and expanded each year in order to better prepare students for careers post-graduation in various industries and career fields. Our teachers are incredible in how they engage students daily, but it is meaningful to both the teachers and students to see the applicability of what is being taught. That is where YOU come in!

Currently, Wylie High School provides coursework in twelve different career clusters that specifically dive into twenty-two programs of study. We are seeking community and industry partners to provide insight into the current industry trends, guide teachers in what employers are desiring and missing from graduates, and invest in students with your time so that they will use their knowledge and skills to benefit our local economy and community. My goal as director of our CTE program is for each career cluster to have at least one community partner.

What is a community partner? A community partner’s involvement can and will certainly vary. I would start by opening the lines of communication between the partner and the teacher(s) of the specific program. From there, partners can volunteer to speak, volunteer to mentor, provide supplies, act as a liaison between the school program and the local industry, and so forth. My goal is that this partnership would be mutually beneficial for both the partner(s) and the school. You, the partner, would be investing in the future of our local economy in various ways. The school will benefit because students will graduate from Wylie High School with possible work experience, an understanding of the expectations of their desired industry, knowledge and skills from industry experts, and a foot in the door in the industry.

If you are interested in learning more, talking to me, talking to a teacher, and/or diving right in please complete the ​form linked here​. Completing the form is absolutely not a commitment but it does open the lines of communication between the school and you. It is my goal to have a partner for each program by Spring 2021. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. I look forward to the future for Wylie ISD and the Abilene Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you,

Reagan Berry Assistant Principal, CTE
325-690-1181 ext. 2024


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