2020-2021 Chairman of the Board of Directors

October 5, 2020Marshall Morris, 2020-2021 Chamber Chair, First Financial Bank

Chamber Membership –

I am honored and excited to begin a year of service to you, the members and volunteers of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce, and to help lead alongside our talented board of directors and staff. For 113 years, the Chamber has existed to develop and promote the economy and quality of life in the Abilene area. That mission, although worded quite simply, is one that requires the hard work, creativity and time (an estimated 65,000 hours annually) of so many of you, and for that, I say “Thank you!”

Despite the challenges presented to all of us over the last seven months, the Chamber still has a job to do: to create and sustain the very best environment for business to thrive, grow, add jobs and drive our economy. Over the next 12 months, you won’t see your Chamber radically change its approach in fulfilling its commitment to you. Yes, we’ll adapt and tweak and get creative when necessary, but we’re not going to recreate the wheel. We’re going to focus on member services and a commitment to excellence, executed through a program of work that includes the following goals:

Deliver relevant and high-quality member services, information, programs and events – This is the backbone of what we do every day. We’re going to continue to enhance our on-boarding process, refine our event schedule and drive the engagement that brings value to our members.

Develop an inclusive business environment for allWe’re going to work to attract, retain and engage businesses and professionals across our entire community. This isn’t about checking the diversity box. It’s about engaging the very best that Abilene has to offer.

Accelerate Abilene’s business friendliness – We continue to look for the right space to create a campus for entrepreneurship and business that will include some of our like-minded community partners. I believe this resource is something Abilene needs now more than ever!

Grow, recruit, retain and nurture talent and workforce needed for the future – In order to keep Abilene competitive, this must continue to stay at the forefront of our efforts. Our efforts today WILL yield results in the future.

Operate the Chamber with excellence – We’re going to continue to be good stewards of our resources (and that includes your time!) and will track and measure our work against our goals. We will strive to provide you great return on your investment.

Thank you to the immediate-past Chairman, Darrin Black, for his hard work and leadership. I am very grateful for all our community leaders and volunteers who have worked to shape Abilene and remain committed to its progress.

I want to encourage you to continue to be an ambassador for Abilene. Tell our story proudly and continue to encourage your peers to do the same.

Now let’s get to work!


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