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August 24, 2020Doug Williamson, Director of Governmental Affairs, Abilene Chamber

You don’t need a long story about the 2020 Census.

In fact, you just need to answer one question: Have you filled out your Census yet?

If you answered, “Yes,” thank you for helping to ensure financial and fiscal resources Abilene needs for the next decade. Thanks for helping medical care, education, transportation and other things we frankly can’t, or certainly don’t want to, do without.

If you answered, “No,” then please give me just 10 minutes, or probably less. We’re late in the process with less than six weeks before the Sept. 30 deadline. That means the enumerators, we usually call them “Census people”, are out in the neighborhoods knocking on doors of folks who haven’t completed their Census. They won’t come inside your house. They’ll just stand on your porch and ask you 10 questions. It’ll take about 10 minutes.

But, if you want to speed up the Census process and not have that knock on your door, you can still go to www.2020census.gov and answer the same questions. It’s easy. It’s quick. It’s the right thing to do.

Once you have done the online version, your address will be taken off the list the Census people will visit at home. It may take a couple of days for you to come off the list, but it will happen pretty quickly.

Finally, Texas, Taylor County and Abilene need you counted. Please do your Census today.


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