City of Abilene gets state grant for Dyess project

April 1, 2020Doug Williamson, Director of Governmental Affairs, Community Partnerships

April 1, 2020


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Doug Williamson, Director of Governmental Affairs, Community Partnerships

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City of Abilene gets state grant for Dyess project

The Texas Military Preparedness Commission (TMPC) Monday approved Abilene’s application for funds to expand and update the Security Access Control Center at Dyess Air Force Base.

The city applied to the state for $613,389 under the Defense Economic Adjustment Assistance Grant (DEAAG) program. The figure represents half of the $1.2 million cost. The Development Corporation of Abilene (DCOA) will provide up to $536,337 for the work. Dyess has spent $80,052 on the design work.

“This is absolutely fantastic news,” said Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams. “The City is pleased to step up again for Dyess with this expansion of the Security Access Control Center.

“It is another great example of Team Abilene working together. We thank the Development Corporation of Abilene for funding, the Military Affairs Committee (MAC) of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce for preparing the grant application, and the Texas Legislature for offering the DEAAG funding program through the Texas Military Preparedness Commission.”

The project entails adding 1,066 square feet to the existing center, located at Dyess’ front gate. In addition, 22 more parking spaces will be constructed.

Dyess officials said the expansion is needed due to current very limited space in the building. That is where persons without credentials to enter the base go to secure them. And, as the base moves to being a location for the B-21 in the next several years, that traffic will only multiply.

“This great news and it’s because of the partnerships forged in Abilene,” said Greg Blair, chair of the Military Affairs Committee of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce. “The MAC worked with Dyess and City in making the application. This team approach pays off again.”

The DEAAG program is designed for governmental entities to apply for project funds for work needed on military installations. The work is estimated to take approximately one year and could start as early as this summer.

This is the second time in three years that a Dyess project has been approved for DEAAG funds. The previous one was for a project reconstructing an important perimeter fence that was out of compliance with Federal Aviation Administration guidelines. The state granted more than $281,000. The DCOA agreed to provide up to almost $199,000, while Dyess did $82,000 in-kind.

“Dyess had a big need, and Abilene, as always, stepped up to solve the problem,” said Gray Bridwell, vice president of Military Affairs for the Chamber. “For more than six decades, the Military Affairs Committee has walked hand-in-hand with Dyess, looking every day for ways we can secure and grow its missions, and help Airmen and their families in times of need.”

The Military Affairs Committee is a public-private partnership of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce, Development Corporation of Abilene, individuals and businesses. Through its 275 members, MAC advocates for expansion and preservation of missions at Dyess and cares for the needs of military members and their families.




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