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March 9, 2020Marissa Thompson, Director of Talent and Development of the Abilene Industrial Foundation

More than 77,300 civilians work in Abilene, Texas. The average wage in Abilene across all industries is $19.85/hour, this is $12 over the state minimum wage. The average household income for Abilene is $63,224, which is $3,654 over the average household income for the state of Texas of $59,570, according the US Census Bureau. So, what do these numbers tell you? Abilene is a great place to work!

Not only does Abilene provide our citizens with rich arts, entertainment, education opportunities and friendly hospitality, it also provides our citizens opportunities to find quality jobs in a variety of industries at various skill levels. And what better place to look for that next job or for businesses to post their job opportunities than on AbileneWorks.com.

AbileneWorks.com is a free Abilene-centric jobs portal, driven by the Abilene Chamber of Commerce and it’s volunteers as it works to connect employers to jobseekers. Employers and jobseekers do not have to be Abilene Chamber of Commerce members to utilize AbileneWorks.com, but why wouldn’t you want to be a chamber member? The Abilene Chamber of Commerce works to connect, educate and advocate for you and our community. Chamber members gain a dedicated partner who is working to help you – and the community – succeed.

The success of AbileneWorks.com can be seen through its growth over the past quarter. More than 60 employers have posted jobs to AbileneWorks.com and views are up by 84 percent, equaling over 2,600 pageviews for the month of February. AbileneWorks.com can also link employer websites on our home page.

Employers can customize their active job posting dates and how jobseekers apply. Employers that post to AbileneWorks.com receive free job marketing as we reach across multiple markets, including exiting military, students, young professionals and anyone else interested in being a part of the Abilene community.

AbileneWorks.com also provides resources to its’ users such as résumé writing tips, how to build your interview toolbox, community resources and workplace intelligence.

So, what are you waiting for? To post a job, visit AbileneWorks.com. Simply hit the “Post a Job” button and follow the step-by-step how-to instructions, or click HERE if you have a question on how to post a job.


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