Standing Room Only!

April 26, 2019

And standing room only is exactly what next week’s small business awards luncheon ought to be. I am extremely pleased to announce that the Salute to Small Business event is sold out – even the staff table has sold (so forgive me for grazing from your plate).

Seriously though, what a great recognition of the reason the Chamber staff and hundreds of our volunteers do every day – support the hard work and tireless energy of those who drive our local economy.

I’m going to digress for a moment (so what’s new, right?) and share a short story with you.

On Friday of last week, I had someone in the community approach me to ask why the Chamber was so “gung-ho” on the downtown convention hotel. 

I told them that I firmly believe – and those I work for believe – that this hotel will be immeasurably good for small business. Yes, we know it’ll be good for our downtown. That’s a no-brainer. We know it’ll have a major impact on our Convention and Visitors Bureau’s ability to attract out of town guests to come here to spend their money with our small business members.

But, I truly believe that its greatest impact will be the jobs it will help create and support in YOUR business. And when it comes to how the Chamber thinks, we believe strongly and firmly that it all starts with jobs. This hotel will buy things. Things you sell, services you provide. And it will spark additional businesses in the area that will do the same.

Okay, I’m back.

I’ve talked before very proudly about my own small, family business background. The sleepless nights, the payroll anxiety, the smothering impact of regulatory burden. Paying yourself last.

So, I get it when I say that anything – that’s reasonable and necessary – that this Chamber and this community can do to support our small business community, the Chamber is all in. And that includes celebrating their accomplishments and their contributions.

Next week is National Small Business Week, and we’ll be celebrating.  There’s a full-week of things planned by your Chamber – and you’ve seen previews of a lot of it on our social media platforms. If you haven’t liked the Abilene Chamber of Commerce Facebook or Instagram pages, please do so.  There’s great information there.

Another great source is the ol’ reliable Chamber website.

I’m particularly grateful for the support of small businesses and the Chamber’s celebration of our smallest members (and mightiest contributors) that Star Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Hyundai, First Financial Bankand our partners at the America’s Small Business Development Center at TTU have provided. Please thank them when you see them.

So for a complete rundown on all that’s going on next week, click here.

Abilene’s small businesses are worthy of celebration.  I hope you’ll be among the gobs of members who join in on the recognitions that are already underway!




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