“That one single day in Abilene…”

March 22, 2019Doug Peters, President and CEO of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce

It’s no secret that one of my favorite Abilenians is the legendary Charlie Dromgoole. You know, that guy who was the CEO of the Abilene Chamber long before I was ever thought of? As I’m sure you’ve heard, Charlie is back – and is serving exceedingly well as the interim CEO of the Development Corporation of Abilene.

Now Charlie is not only a man who invested a good 14 years of his life in service to our Chamber and to our great community, but he also built one heck of an organization, and as I told him recently, I’m doing my best to uphold his high standard and to help take our association to that next level. He’s also a guy who is full of great stories.

One of the great stories that Charlie shared with me lately went something like this: “After I left Abilene, somebody asked me about Business Expo,” Charlie said. “They could not believe how big of an event it is, and they asked me to tell them about it.”

I looked Charlie square in the eye and said, “so what did you tell them?”

“I told them,” he said, “that if you’re in business in Abilene, Texas, or the region that surrounds it, you WILL be at the Business Expo on that one single day.”

Well dang, Charlie! I’ve never heard it stated that perfectly before.

Charlie makes a great point. Everybody who’s anybody in business in the greater Abilene area will no doubt be at the Abilene Convention Center for the 2019 Business Expo THIS Wednesday, March 27. The show opens at 10:30 am to the public, but you’re not “the public.”  As a VIP, I hope you’ll mosey out for the ribbon cutting at 10:00 am. You do not want to miss it.

Not only are we expecting nearly one million visitors to the Expo (okay, so maybe that’s a slight over exaggeration), but some of the best businesses in the Big Country will be there, showing off what they do. There will also be live entertainment, food trucks at the Taylor Electric Food Court, and a seminar sponsored by KTXS TV on “How to make the most of your advertising dollars.”

The Expo is FREE to our members and is presented by Black Plumbing, Arrow Ford, and Pest Patrol. Non-members can enter for $5.00 in advance, or $10 at the door.

Then – get this, at 4:30 pm on that same one single day in Abilene, we will wrap up with the massive Business After Hours – Expo Edition in the lobby at the Convention Center.  You will not believe the auction packages that will be up for grabs – check out the tremendous rundown of all the goods at here. You can bid, buy and go home the hero of your household or your business! And in doing so, you support the Chamber’s ability to pursue its mission on behalf of the Abilene business community.

Business After Hours is sponsored by First Bank Texas, Reed Beverage and Market Street. Special thanks to LMB Real Estate for sponsoring the Live Auction.

Want more information? Visit the homepage of our website and look for Business Expo under the events tab. Or, call us at 325-677-7241.

As Charlie says, this is the “one single day in Abilene” that the entire business community comes together to do their thing.

Charlie will be there.  Will you?





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