Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire!

February 25, 2019Doug Peters, President and CEO of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce

What a week it was last week! If you missed the 2019 Texas Farm Ranch & Wildlife Expo, you missed a good one. This was my fourth, and I have to say that by all accounts it was probably among the best we’ve been involved with.  150 exhibitors, thousands of farmers and ranchers, new product rollouts (have you seen the brand new “Pure Mesquite” camo?) and Dr. Temple Grandin!  That makes me worry about how we’re going to top it next year.  I do, however, want to acknowledge the rock star team of volunteers, sponsors and my own staff, led by Dennis O’Dell (AEP), Chair of our Agriculture Committee, for hitting it out of the park.  Y’all done good, and we’re grateful.

But you know, there’s more to focus on before we move on to planning the Farm & Ranch show for next year.  Certainly, you know what March means in the Big Country.  And it ain’t college basketball.

Nosiree, I’m talking about Business Expo 2019, the single-most awesome business-to-business event in all of the world.  Or at least in West Texas.

Business Expo is the Chamber’s annual high-energy, high traffic trade show and business exposition, attracting roughly 7,000 businesses and consumers in a dynamic business-to-business atmosphere. Presented by the Abilene Business Council, this signature event of the Abilene Chamber is a great opportunity to get new leads, customers, and to give your brand visibility in the Big Country marketplace. It is also an ideal venue to introduce a new product or service, or reacquaint the business community with your company.

Marketed to the entire Big Country community, Business Expo is the premiere business trade show opportunity for both Chamber members and non-chamber members.  And get this: as of this writing, there’s a very limited number of exhibitor booths remaining. Don’t hesitate to contact Kim Bosher to get your booth secured. They will not last.

Graciously sponsored by Pest Patrol, Arrow Ford and Black Plumbing, you need to put this year’s date on your calendar: Wednesday, March 27 with doors opening at 10:30 am and running until 3:30 pm at the Abilene Convention Center in downtown Abilene.

Admission tickets are free to you, our member, and are $5 for non-members in advance, $10 for procrastinators.

Never in your life have you seen so much energy, so much traffic, so many businesses and so much goodness happening under one roof.  It’s one of our signature events, and it’s a good one.

Not only is business networking still considered one of the single-most impactful marketing strategies a business can participate in, but you also gain the opportunity to broadcast your brand. Your business does well when “times are good,” right? What happens when the going gets tough? It’s good to know people, especially fellow businesses.

With the theme of connecting business and community, Business Expo surely won’t disappoint. It’s intense, it’s a compact time period and it’s wide open.

Trust me when I say you won’t want to miss Business Expo 2019, whether as an exhibitor or as an attendee. It’s that good.




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