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November 11, 2018Marissa Thompson, Director of Talent Development

A healthy economy is one that allows change, diversifies and grows. Abilene’s economy strives to not only maintain a clean bill of health, but to go above and beyond by leading community members to a healthy lifestyle for the strength of Abilene’s future. Collectively community members, businesses, education, and civic agencies serve as the pulse of our community.

Abilene has expanded its economic base to include businesses that operate in aviation/aerospace, metal fabrication, food processing, fiberglass boat manufacturing, telecommunications, wind energy, plastics, professional services, software and IT, education, healthcare and advanced material manufacturing.  Local education is working to create programs and resources to align with business needs to place a greater emphasis on “a homegrown approach” for upskilling students, our organic pipeline of workforce talent.

Abilene Independent School District (AISD) is seeking input from area businesses and industries as it strives to meet the needs of both students and the community through the District’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. AISD, in coordination with representatives from Team Workforce, the Abilene Industrial Foundation, and Workforces Solutions, is administering a questionnaire through the end of November regarding high-need job positions and certification preferences. The information obtained will be used to help make a data-driven programming decision that will enable the CTE program to better align with area workforce needs and more effectively prepare students for both post-secondary education and future careers.

No longer does CTE cover only vocational skills like plumbing, automotive technology and HVAC repair, but today it also encompasses health sciences, engineering, law enforcement, teaching and much more.  CTE pathways afford students the opportunity to graduate high school with industry-recognized certifications making them prime candidates for employers.  These initial certifications are the seedlings of AISD student’s growth potential.  Students can continue their career path via internships, post-secondary education and/or enter the workforce with great income opportunities and potential. Expanding the educational opportunities of our students enhances the quality of their life personally and holistically for our Abilene community.

Please visit the link below to fill out the AISD Employment, Degree and Certification Questionnaire as we partner together in cultivating a healthy Abilene community.

Survey Link


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