To develop and promote the economy and quality of life in the Abilene area.


To create and sustain the very best environment for businesses to thrive, grow, add jobs and drive our economy.


Economic development, community development and service to our members.


For over 110 years, the Abilene Chamber of Commerce has served the community. Our approximately 1,300 member businesses, nearly 600 Young Professionals, 300 supporters of our beloved military and their families, and nearly 1,000 volunteer leaders conservatively contribute more than 65,000 hours annually, working to make our community the best Abilene it can be. If we monetize the hours our leaders contribute voluntarily, it totals more than $1.75 million in volunteer value applied to helping your business to thrive. Thank you for your partnership, your ongoing support, and for being a tireless champion for our Chamber and our great city.