What does the Chamber do?

We promote a positive business climate in Abilene and serve as the primary advocate for business growth. We’re a constructive partner in working with the government and education, but at our core we’re a membership organization that provides services and programs to help businesses grow and thrive in our economy.

When was the Chamber founded?

The short answer? In 1908. The long answer? The present Chamber of Commerce grew directly out of the “Abilene 25,000 Club” which was formed in 1908 with W.M. Lacy as president and O.P. Thomas as secretary.

Who do you think makes the Chamber a valuable resource in Abilene?

Beyond what might be considered typical Chamber of Commerce services, we are also the umbrella organization for the Abilene Industrial Foundation (AIF), Abilene Cultural Affairs Council (ACAC), Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB), the Downtown Initiative, the Military Affairs Committee (MAC), and the Abilene Young Professionals (AYP).

All of our affiliates pride themselves with consensus working toward developing and promoting the economy and quality of life in the Abilene area.

How many members does the Chamber have?

The Chamber represents over 1,300 companies and 50,000 employees across the Big Country.

What makes Abilene stand apart from other cities in Texas?

We could go on and on about why you should invest in Abilene. Instead, hear from locals who have made Abilene their home.

“My first impression, I thought it was a quaint town, one I was excited to embrace. One year later, I can say, Abilene is my new hometown! If you look up the definition of “community”, you would find Abilene. My first week in the Key City, I was invited to a luncheon that the Chamber hosted. That’s when I learned that the backbone of this community is the Chamber of Commerce and its members.” – Travis Ruiz, News Director at KTAB/KRBC/Telemundo

“Stop talking about what you wish Abilene had and go do it yourself. The whole town is waiting to support you and your innovative ideas!” – James Bridwell, Sockdolager Brewing Company

When asked what Stephanie Prosser of Palette of Purpose would miss most about the area if she had to leave she said, “The people! The relationships I have built here cannot be replaced. There’s a uniqueness and local flavor to everything and everyone here. The people are as interesting and as charming as the city!”